Common knowledge on Richard Goodman

Richard Goodman (Rick) moved to Boston a little over a year ago, in June of 2017 with his fiancé, Nicodemus Gudhmahn (Nico).  They moved to Boston after Rick got a job offer following his residency in Florida.  Nico decided to join a graduate program at the local University.  They bought a house in Piedmont Estates, and have been pleasant neighbors, if a bit busy with their work and studies.  Rick has been working as a surgeon since moving to Boston, both in the ER and for scheduled operations.

Physically, Rick is not very intimidating.  He doesn’t really draw anyone’s eye (other than Nico’s).  He has a slim build, and looks to be in his mid-thirties.  He keeps his brown hair fairly short, rarely letting it reach even an inch.  He’s just starting to have a few gray hairs, with a high concentration near his temples.  He stays clean shaven, and wears no jewelry besides his engagement ring. He’s neither tall nor short at 5’10”, he’s Caucasian, and while his skin isn’t perfect, he has no standout imperfections, tattoos or scars.

Some people may have heard that there was an accident with a piece of equipment in June at the hospital.  The left side of his face had a decent bruise for a week or so, but there seemed to be no lasting damage.


  • He has never lost a patient
  • He once operated on Niel Patrick Harris
  • He wants a pet of some sort
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